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Working with Chance 2013 to knowingly employ ex-offenders has a number of benefits:


1. You have access to a wide pool of reliable and loyal employees with working skills and talent.


2. You’re taking a carefully screened worker who wants to work.


3. The worker is contributing to UK plc in tax and NI.


4. Society benefits by a reduction in crime.


5. Less offending means safer communities.


6. Less time in custody leads to greater family cohesion.


7. The individual gains self-respect and acceptance in the wider community.


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Chance 2013 Ltd

is the Employment Agency working exclusively with
people that have a criminal record and want to re-enter the job market.

Take a Chance, Make a Change.


The company was set up in 2013 by Kate Beech following visits to HMP Featherstone and discussions with one of the prison governors. As Kate was already involved in recruitment, the idea of a “specialist” business was born.

Over 9 Million people in the UK have a criminal record so it's a good possibility that companies are unknowingly employing ex-offenders.

Ministry of Justice statistics suggest that the re-offending rate is lower for offenders who enter P45 employment than for those that don’t (MOJ March 2013).

National Average cost of keeping a person in prison is £30,000 + p.a. This accounts for all prison categories.


Those who have served non-custodial sentences may have wide knowledge and experience, yet are still excluded from the jobs market.


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