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Working with Chance 2013 to knowingly employ ex-offenders has a number of benefits:


1. You have access to a wide pool of reliable and loyal employees with working skills and talent.


2. You’re taking a carefully screened worker who wants to work.


3. The worker is contributing to UK plc in tax and NI.


4. Society benefits by a reduction in crime.


5. Less offending means safer communities.


6. Less time in custody leads to greater family cohesion.


7. The individual gains self-respect and acceptance in the wider community.


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Job Seekers

Is having a criminal record holding you back? Maybe your convictions are spent but still cause you problems.

Chance 2013 is the employment agency exclusively for ex-offenders- if you haven’t got a criminal record you can’t get a job with us!

We’re not a charity or a not-for-profit business- we’re a company needing to make a profit like anyone else.

You won’t be treated like a second class citizen- you’ve done the crime and the time and now’s your chance to move on.

We’ve got vacancies for labourers, traffic management, construction- all levels, civil engineering- all levels, trades, etc.

               If you’re interested we look forward to hearing from you.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    07525 836424
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Tips for a successful job interview


  1. First Impressions Count! Be on-time, dress appropriately (you don't need a suit, but no hoodies!) Be polite.
  2. Do your research! We will tell you all we can about the company, check out the web-site, know how to get there.
  3. Calm & Confident. Even if you don't feel it!! Sit up straight, look at the interviewer (don't stare!) Answer truthfully but don't waffle.
  4. Ask questions. Ask about thing that aren't clear “when would I start? what are the hours? Is there a canteen? When will you let me know?”
  5. Thanks and Goodbye. When the interview is over, unless there's a visit to the work-place, thank the interviewer, leave and breath a sigh of relief!



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